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Written by Nikki Neretin
Produced and instrumentation by Rob Taube



Beautiful pictures –all in a row
Smooth as silk
Face everyone knows.
Doesn’t show feelings
Can’t even talk
But we take a great picture
Is that enough

Simmering feelings grief and despair
Looming so heavy fog never clears.
Sweet bitter memories that never come through
When you look at a picture of me and you.

10 years passed since I smiled to your face
I came your able, I am not my brothers keeper
Much gone unsaid no way to break through
Is this the last picture of me and you

show your Fangs
Hollowed eyes
Wolf in sheeps clothing
See through your disguise
Was it ever real, were you ever true
Was it just a picture of me and you

Millions of pictures lining the walls
Often a picture shows nothing at all.
Faces lie but I’ll tell you the truth
I want a new picture, of me and you