Let's be Human together in the New Year!!!

Hello my loves in this hopeful time that is 2018. Just remember that the state of affairs have been set up to make us feel discouraged, small and powerless. Don't buy it!! We have all the power in the world to keep trying to head things towards a more compassionate and fair world. I have seen more activism in the last year than in the past thirty. The disparities and oppression have alway been there for my clients and for many in this country it just has not been this visible. The visibility will seem scary but makes it easier to be able to fight the good fight for a good life for all. Remember that if someone else's life isn't going well than ours is not going well either. We are now in the time of a collective movement and we need each other to move forward for everyone to have good big lives. I will post a live stream kundalini meditation to communicate without fear which I urge everyone to do for 40 days. As I go you go!!! xo Nikki

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