Our Story

We are an exciting new original indie/rock band, starting a revolution for music, fun, community and wide world change.  Our original, provocative and catchy rock/pop songs cover many real-life themes.  My music covers the 4 M's, music, medicine, motherhood and marriage. 

We pack clubs, usually starting BEFORE 9 pm: Our fans will be home to relieve their babysitters and get good nights' sleep or be ready to go out and party all night long. We do a fundraiser at each gig and have collected over 1,000 pairs of socks for the homeless.  We are also making an album where a portion of the proceeds will go into a fund to help my clients when they are housed in order to buy essentials to create a home.  

Check out “Don’t Mess Around With My Boy” an edgy tune about a mom who rages against the kids bullying her son.  My new video "Pictures" inspired by a visit to a nazi propaganda camp where they staged benign pictures of the jewish inmates in order to confuse the world into believing that life wasn't as brutal as it truly was.  

Nikki Neretin, MD (lead singer, guitarist and creator) is the Director of Homeless Services for the Institute for Family Health in NYC.  A professional singer, she works as a doctor because of her love of people and to pay the bills.  She is also mom to Lili and Adam, two wonderful teens. 

Nikki has fronted numerous bands including the popular Pretenders tribute band "Nikki and the Tatooed Love Boys" and her previous original rock band "Dysorderlies"

Her work with street homeless clients for the last 20 years has helped to create the meaningful backdrop of this influential and important music.  Nikki uses her vast experiences with the four M's - medicine, music, motherhood and marriage- to inspire many others.

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Much Love,