We are a NYC based original indie rock band building community and social change through righteous rock and roll for all.  We play edgy rock and roll with important  relatable life themes.  We have been likened to Heart, Led Zeppelin and Santana.   Every gig is a fun, inclusive community event with a fundraiser.   We are going after a big dream and hope to inspire others to go after their own. Let's be humans together.  As we go you go!!!! 

Nikki Neretin, MD (docstar) lead singer, guitarist and creator, is the director of homeless services for a local NYC not for profit. Providing care at soup kitchens, shelters and on the street for the last 20 years has created a strong back drop for this important and relevant music. We do a sock collection and fundraiser at each gig.

Let's be Human together in the New Year!!! 

Hello my loves in this hopeful time that is 2018. Just remember that the state of affairs have been set up to make us feel discouraged, small and powerless. Don't buy it!! We have all the power in the world to keep trying to head things towards a more compassionate and fair world. I have seen more activism in the last year than in the past thirty. The disparities and oppression have alway been there for my clients and for many in this country it just has not been this visible. The visibility will seem scary but makes it easier to be able to fight the good fight for a good life for all. Remember that if someone else's life isn't going well than ours is not going well either. We are now in the time of a collective movement and we need each other to move forward for everyone to have good big lives. I will post a live stream kundalini meditation to communicate without fear which I urge everyone to do for 40 days. As I go you go!!! xo Nikki

Sweet sock story #12 

Letter sent to the Students, faculty and staff of columbia Teachers college for there generous donations of 100's of pairs of socks. 

Dear Students, Faculty and Staff of Columbia Teachers College, 

I wanted to give my personal thanks for your thoughtful, kind and generous donation of socks this past month. 

I started collecting socks a few years ago after one of my beloved clients developed frost bite.  It was a winter where the days were warm and wet and the nights were freezing.  He didn't have a pair of socks to change into after they became wet during the day and the next day when I saw him his toes were blue.  I asked him why he didn't go into shelter and he said that he didn't want to separate from his partner who felt unsafe in the women's shelter. I thought then if he only had an extra pair of socks to change into this could have been prevented.  Such a small consideration would have such a big impact. 

My name is Nikki Neretin and I am a family doctor who runs the homeless services for the Institute for Family Health.  We have been providing medical services for the underserved at Broadway Presbyterian Church for the the past 20 years.  Originally we saw patients in what used to be a storage closet at the church and then through a kind grant, and the services of Architects for Humanity, we finally had a proper medical office.  Recently we were fortunate enough to do another renovation that also allowed us to renovate the bathroom and shower facilities.  Finally it feels like an environment that promotes not only healing but dignity. My team which includes two social workers, a case manager, medical assistant and community health corp member have enough space to provide quality care. 

Rock and Roll singer by night I started using my gigs as a platform to collect socks and although my friends and fan base are extremely generous I wasn't able to meet the large need for socks with an upcoming cold winter.  That is when I was fortunate enough to run into Karen Baldwin, a former colleague from Beth Israel, who now works at Columbia Teachers College and immediately wanted to help out.  When I suggested socks she was ready to start a collection and within a month Karen said that she had some socks to drop off.  I was expecting a small box but instead received bags and bags of socks that seemed to be coming in weekly.  I've never had such a large supply of socks enabling my team to be so generous to all our clients and I even keep some pairs with me so I can give them out on the train.  It's rewarding to watch as my clients pick out a pair of socks that they like.  One client picked out a pink polkadot pair of very fluffy socks and held them as if they were a beloved stuffed animal as she walked off with a smile on her face. I have been writing a blog about sweet sock stories over the past year to show how much of a difference one pair of socks can make.  You can find them on my website dysorderlies.com. 

Sweet Sock Stories!!! 

Sweet Sock Story #5: After the clouds lifted one of my most vulnerable diabetic clients came in and said that the extra few pairs of socks got him through the wettest times. After searching through the sock bin I found a warm, cozy pair of diabetic socks donated by Cheryl Clark and InSung Min some of my most wonderful family doc friends and allies, which I know will help him with his edema!! Dys-fans rock with the socks. Dysorderlies will be playing at Pianos on the lower East Side, Sunday Dec 13th at 8:30pm. We will be doing our usual sock and reading glass drive!! Stay tuned for more details. #dysorderlies #AsWeGoYouGo #docstar #sweetsockstories

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